KiloWatts  --  now releasing material with Vanek, as well, James Watts brings with him a talent that is undeniable. Nice, downtempo work and a laid-back glitchpop with Vanek.
KiloWatts & Vanek Official Site -- addition to KiloWatts' personal site.

Bogsnarth  --  appearing on a couple of netlabels to date, Bogsnarth is an up and comer well worth watching for. Check it out for yourself and see.

Helios  --  recently signed for a release on Merck Records, Helios' brand of ambient oriented IDM is gorgeous to relax to and let the day's troubles slip by.

Somniscope  --  a collaboration between Liam Frankland & Dave Fyans (aka Daigoro). Ambient soundscapes, and an interesting little assortment of video shorts.

Psy-Sci --  sometimes an IDM direction, sometimes something with an indierock influenced feel, psy-sci tends to produce what comes out rather than follow a trend or genre limitation. He has a natural vocal talent to add to the stack. Worth looking into if you are in that "mood to expand"

Orphax  --  Another artist in the ambient / soundscape department, Orphax has been quite well received by his peers. His talent for being able to make ambience invoke feeling is remarkable & certainly demands respect. Wonderful material if this is your style of choice. Enjoy.

Pulse State  --  Appearing on the second Wet-Works compilation, Detroit's Pulse State offers a melodic, danceable synthpop that is very refreshing. His work has grown a great deal over the last couple years, and is sure to please synthpop fans all around

Nave!  --  Nave! presents an avant garde magic, with a final product that is quirky, and thought-provoking. An intuitive and resourceful sounding release available on the site is perfect for the times when needing a bit of a change from the norm. Well produced, creative work.

The Azoic  --  A dedicated musical passion has led to electronic dance act The Azoic to stand tall in their genre. Vocals ranging from driving to ethereal to dark, and synth work that only gets better with each album. See more below in linking to 'Nilaihah Records'.

Soulseek P2P  --  for all your filesharing needs, Soulseek features a great selection of electronic music and plenty of independent talent!

Soulseek Records  --  Spawning from the Soulseek network, Slsk Rex features talent stemming from Soulseek and friends made along the way.

Zebox  --  Hosts of Proteus93 material, filling the void after the collapse of Definitely my choice for music file hosting.

WetWorks Electrozine  --  An e-zine covering Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, IDM, Noise and so forth. I had previously written for it, and will likely appear there again sooner than later.

Rowolo System  --  A list of net labels, in one neat and comprehensive package. It's regularily updated and well worth your time to browse through if you enjoy independent net labels.

Nilaihah Records  --  In addition to her performance work with The Azoic, Kristy Venrick runs the respectable Nilaihah... talk about a busy schedule. Wonderful label, wonderful acts, and a charming woman running the show, you couldn't find a more pleasant label to follow. Highly recommended, and proudly backed by all at Wet-Works.

Nerdy Shirts -- Indie, Geeky-oriented T-shirts... what could be more suitable for Independent Electronic Artists, no? Ambitious looking little venture... wander by and take a look. Doesn't hurt that the promo girl that gave the heads up on it is really cute, too ;)

Remix Wars -- A site offering just what the name implies... if you are an artist, and think you have something to offer, or would like to try your hand at remixing others, give it a shot. Several of the artists show great promise, and a few are appearing on Wetworks Compilations.